Awesome Sauce Gaming


Get to know our staff!

Right now we have a pretty small staff but we are looking to expand our staff with expirenced players! Currently we have the owner and the co-owner you can get there names over on the right side and that is the best way to contact us! but here is a run down on how all staff stacks up right now! the main owner FallingApart (is me) is the webmaster and is incharge of the website and hosting it and right now we are running on neocities and its pretty good so we might be here a while! he is also in charge of hosting the actual server and by that we mean the box in the basement that makes all the noise! he also handles most if not all of the gmod servers having 1.5k hours in that game at the time of writing this (how do you say "no life" again?) with some help from his friend and co co-owner known as shame. shame is the co owner on the group he will help out with gmod and is in charge of the minecraft server(s) and he is currently thinking about setting up a few more.

Do you think you have what it takes to roll with us?

well the two of us cant be everywhere at once so we need some of you select people to help us out! Click Here to apply!