Awesome Sauce Gaming

Do you like our services?

We strive to provide the best service we can! We try to be unique and the best we can. We try very hard but it is difficult! One of these reasons is the limited physical resources! Where I live the internet and power are expensive! So if we get to popular my internet will be the first thing to reach it limit! We need to move these servers somewhere else! This service would require a lot of my physical time and money, the price could be between 500-1000 dollars A MONTH! That’s crazy! Let alone the server hosting cost what about if we wanted to buy coders and developers for the servers and get stuff no other server on earth has? With money we can do that! But money adds up to a lot and I can’t do that alone! I’m not asking for someone to play it all but if we want to be big and you want this community to grow and do even better thing then I will need your help. Don’t you want to feel a nice warm glow in your heart when you go to bed at night? If you can’t or don’t want to donate that is completely 100 percent ok! Just play on our servers and show your support! I promise whatever you do to help will never be forgotten!

I want to donate how can I?

Here are our donator packages! if you want to donate add me on steam! [ASG]FallingApart!

DarkRP -

Money boost! if youre running low on cash, we can get you fixed up! for every dollar you give you will get 50000 (50K) of ingame money!

10$ Vip access to more jobs and better printers! and 75000K in game money

20$ Gold - more jobs, better printers and everything from vip! and you get access to a few admin commands! like noclip to help build you base and wiremod when we add that!

25$ mod - instant access to the moderator class in ulx, help make the server a better place

35$ admin - instant access to admin in ulx! its like mod but better!

40$ custom class! this one is all up to you! we will work with you to get exactly what you want!